Founded in 2005, Bejay Agro Industrial Limited comes in to full operation in 2014 and the farm is strategically located at Iperu -Remo Ogun State, 25 minutes drive to Lagos. We specialized in Egg Production and Supply  Meat processing, Rearing of Broiler & Turkey, Rearing and Sales of different categories of Pigs (e.g. Boar, Sow and Piglets), and Rearing of Cattle.

We are also engaged in Farm Support Services and Sales such as Construction of Modern Poultry Pen, Piggery Pen, Accessories like Nipple drinker for Pigs and so much more.We are backed up by a team of Professional Veterinarian, Nutritionists, Microbiologist, Animal Scientist, Engineers and Poultry specialist which work in united effort to ensure a product that exceeds your expectations and guarantees a performance you can depend on.


Along the years, we have adopted a series of values and undertakings which are reflected in our day-to-day operations and relationship with people. These values are as follows:

  • Uprightness
  • Teamwork
  • Customer focus
  • Quality and Food Safety
  • Interest in people
  • Commitment to achieving results
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainability


To be a role model for Livestock Farming in Africa, by offering quality products and services to our valued customer, abiding by optimal ethical food safety standards and by building an institution with laudable legacy.


To become a reference and leading farm in the industry in terms of high quality and affordable products.

Our Team